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pdfNational Standards for Financial Managers81.72 KB (August 2018 edition) and pdfdraft-easy-eng-int-nat-stds-pg.pdf157.77 KB

pdfNT Aboriginal Justice Agreement presentation1.29 MB by Leanne Liddle (August 2018)

pdfNDIS Quality and Safeguards presentation903.9 KB by Dr Jeffrey Chan (31 August 2018)

pdfAustralian Adult Guardianship Orders 2017/18245.36 KB

AGAC – Elder Abuse National Projects, Enduring Powers of Attorney (financial) pdfoptions paper1.17 MB

AGAC – Elder Abuse National Projects, Enduring Powers of Attorney pdfcomparative tables642.62 KB

pdfGuardianship, financial management and the NDIS: NCAT's experience, Hobart, 23 March 2017, delivered by Principal Member Christine Fougere, NCAT.

Making national elder abuse prevalence studies inclusive of cognitive impairment: Are national elder abuse prevalence studies inclusive of the experiences of people with cognitive impairment? Findings and recommendations for future research. June 2017 (pdf PDF) (doc DOC420.50 KB)
Prepared by: Lois Bedson, Policy and Research Officer, Office of the Public Advocate

Medical research procedures and clinical trials involving adults who cannot consent:
(pdfPDF58.53 KB) (docDOC49.00 KB)

pdfAGAC submission on NDIS quality and safeguarding framework270.79 KB
(Submission in relation to Proposal for a National Disability Insurance Scheme Quality and Safeguarding framework consultation paper)
- 28 April 2015

pdfAGAC Sterilisation Protocol 65.87 Kb

pdf Evaluation of the Supported Decision Making Project 596.02 Kb (November 2012)
Office of the Public Advocate

pdfNational Standards of Guardianship - Easy English 852.02 KB

pdfNational Standards of Public Guardianship (2016) 170 Kb

docNational Standards of Public Guardianship (2016) 199.50 KB

pdfNational Standards for Financial Managers (Nov 2010)81.72 Kb

pdfA Mentally Healthy Future for all Australians267.06 Kb (November 2009) - Professor John Mendoza

pdfClosing the Gaps: Enhancing South Australia's Response to the Abuse of Vulnerable Older People3.01 Mb (190 pages)
Report for the Office of Ageing and Disability Services
Office of the Public Advocate in collaboration with the University of South Australia

(October 2011)
Includes: Proposed Policy for Safeguarding vulnerable adults in South Australia:
A whole of government policy for the protection of older persons from abuse

pdfTable - Comparison of Mutual Recognition provisions EPA and EPG90 KB (2018)

pdfTable - Comparison of Recognition of Interstate Guardianship/Administration Orders250 KB (2018)

Sterilisation - Report of National Project on Data Standardisation

pdfAGAC Sterilisation Data Report 2017-2018136.11 KB (docMS Word141.50 KB)

pdfAGAC Sterilisation Data Report 201690.91 KB (docMS Word101.00 KB)

pdfAGAC Sterilisation Data Report 2016-2017218.48 KB

pdfAppendix A Data indicators and template data record52.53 KB

pdfAppendix B Template Healthcare Professional Report79.14 KB

pdfAppendix C Template guidance resource for applicants71.04 KB

xlsAppendix D Template data record final draft327.5 KB

pdfNational project on sterilisation data standardisation report548.00 KB

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